The games in detail

Lazuli and the Numbers 5+

Three different degrees of difficulty each
Over 250 tasks
Foundations of counting, characteristics, quantities, symmetry, memory, perception, and geometry
For ages approx. five years and over


Instruction e.g.: "Tap on the eggs in the correct order from top to bottom!"
Basic Mathematical Skills:
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Tap on the lamp on the left!"


Instruction e.g.: "Which bird looks exactly like the one in the middle?
Tap on this bird!"
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:

Pop Art

Instruction e.g.: "One picture doesn`t belong to the others! Tap on this picture!"
Basic Mathematical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "How many bugs do you see?
Tap on the dice that have exactly the same number of dots!"
Mathematisch Basiskompetenzen:
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Tap all figures with exactly 3 eyes!"


Instruction e.g.: "Tap on all the red rockets with blue tops!"
Basic Mathematical Skills:
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "How many purple dots does the snake have? "
Basic Mathematical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Where is the girl now?
Tap on the correct umbrella!"
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Knock 2 times on the blue door and then 3 times on the yellow door!"
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "A few of the seals don't have a ball!
Which basket has the same amount of balls that the seals are missing?
Tap on the correct basket!"


Instruction e.g.: "Which flower has been added? Tap on this flower!"
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Look carefully at the order of the fish!
Which of the three fish from above is next in the row?
Tap on the correct fish!"
Basic Mathematical Skills:
Basic Mathematical Skills:


Instruction e.g.: "Which picture matches the number?
Tap on the correct picture!"


Instruction e.g.: "Catch the cookies and feed the frog, but be careful! The cookies may not fall on the ground!"
Basic Mathematical Skills:
Basic Non-Numerical Skills:

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